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Journal of Consumer Research, 39(5)

Introduction: What Are Research Curations?
Laura Peracchio, Ann McGill, and Mary Frances Luce [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Food Decision Making
Lauren Block [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Financial Insecurity and Deprivation
Eileen Fischer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Numerosity and Consumer Behavior
Rashmi Adaval [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Self-Identity and Consumer Behavior
Jennifer Escalas [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Taste Regimes and Market-Mediated Practice
Zeynep Arsel and Jonathan Bean [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Goal Reversion in Consumer Choice
Kurt A. Carlson, Margaret G. Meloy, and Elizabeth G. Miller [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Influence of Base Rate and Case Information on Health-Risk Perceptions: A Unified Model of Self-Positivity and Self-Negativity
Dengfeng Yan and Jaideep Sengupta [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Effect of Red Background Color on Willingness-to-Pay: The Moderating Role of Selling Mechanism
Rajesh Bagchi and Amar Cheema [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

More for the Many: The Influence of Entitativity on Charitable Giving
Robert W. Smith, David Faro, and Katherine A. Burson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Confidence and Construal Framing: When Confidence Increases versus Decreases Information Processing
Echo Wen Wan and Derek D. Rucker [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Slow Down! Insensitivity to Rate of Consumption Leads to Avoidable Satiation
Jeff Galak, Justin Kruger, and George Loewenstein [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

When Differences Unite: Resource Dependence in Heterogeneous Consumption Communities
Tandy Chalmers Thomas, Linda L. Price, and Hope Jensen Schau [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Explaining the Endowment Effect through Ownership: The Role of Identity, Gender, and Self-Threat
Sara Loughran Dommer and Vanitha Swaminathan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Purifying Practices: How Consumers Assemble Romantic Experiences of Nature
Robin Canniford and Avi Shankar [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Commitment and Behavior Change: Evidence from the Field
Katie Baca-Motes, Amber Brown, Ayelet Gneezy, Elizabeth A. Keenan, and Leif D. Nelson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Goal Pursuit, Now and Later: Temporal Compatibility of Different versus Similar Means
Jordan Etkin and Rebecca K. Ratner [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Healthy Satiation: The Role of Decreasing Desire in Effective Self-Control
Joseph P. Redden and Kelly L. Haws [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Explanation Fiends and Foes: How Mechanistic Detail Determines Understanding and Preference
Philip M. Fernbach, Steven A. Sloman, Robert St. Louis, and Julia N. Shube [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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