TOC: J Bus Venturing


Journal of Business Venturing, 28(2)

Improving new technology venture performance under direct and indirect network externality conditions
Ksenia Podoynitsyna, Michael Song, Hans van der Bij, Mathieu Weggeman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Examining the formation of human capital in entrepreneurship: A meta-analysis of entrepreneurship education outcomes
Bruce C. Martin, Jeffrey J. McNally, Michael J. Kay [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Do entrepreneurial goals matter? Resource allocation in new owner-managed firms
William Dunkelberg, Carmen Moore, Jonathan Scott, William Stull [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Multilateral R&D alliances by new ventures
Dan Li [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Linking family-to-business enrichment and support to entrepreneurial success: Do female and male entrepreneurs experience different outcomes?
Gary N. Powell, Kimberly A. Eddleston [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Exploring the evolution of supporter networks in the creation of new organizations
Scott L. Newbert, Erno T. Tornikoski, Narda R. Quigley [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Political connections and entrepreneurial investment: Evidence from China’s transition economy
Wubiao Zhou [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

International exposure through network relationships: Implications for new venture internationalization
Stephanie A. Fernhaber, Dan Li [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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