Coalition Loyalty Programs


Analysis of Coalition Loyalty Programs, A Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative Research Opportunity, Webinar 6 Feb 2013

Analysis of Coalition Loyalty Programs

A WCAI Research Opportunity sponsored by a European Coalition Loyalty Program

6 February 2013

11am-12 Eastern US Time

This coalition loyalty program offers a unique insight into consumer behavior.  The program offers customers a card to use when shopping wherever they choose.  The customer then has the opportunity to earn points when shopping at more than 370 Network Partners or at any non-network retailers worldwide accepting Visa.  They can then redeem those points at selected Network Partners.  Both earning and redemption follow a set of rules which changed significantly in 2009. Our research sponsor is interested in finding better ways to marketing to their customers to encourage them to use the card, understanding better how the rewards program affects consumer behavior, and gauging the relative value of partners within the network and the value of the loyalty program itself.  For researchers studying these questions (or others of business value), the sponsor will provide a comprehensive, anonymized data set describing 14,000 accounts, their transactions histories within or outside the Network, and their reward redemptions.  The data set also includes specific transactions at the cardholder level, enabling deeper analysis than typically only available at the household level.

To learn more about the sponsor’s program and the data to be provided, interested faculty and doctoral students can attend a live webinar on 6 February 2013 from 11-12 Eastern US time. During the webinar, details of the data will be described and executives from the project sponsor will be available for Q&A. The webinar will also be archived for those who can’t attend live.

After the webinar, interested researchers should submit proposals online through the WCAI Proposal Submission Portal by date 20 February 2013 to receive access to the data. Researchers are encouraged to review proposal submission guidelines and FAQs before submitting their proposal. Additional questions can be directed to Proposals will be evaluated based on their potential for academic contribution and the researcher’s ability to address issues of strategic importance to the program sponsor. Proposals from European researchers are especially encouraged. Register for the webinar at


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