Empirical and Theoretical Symposium


Empirical and Theoretical (Marketing Strategy) Symposium, London, Ontario, 31 May 2013, Chairs Sourav Ray, Mark Vandenbosch, David Soberman, Paul Messinger and Georges Zaccour; Deadline 28 Feb

Call for Presentations at a Conference
Canadian Empirical and Theoretical (Marketing Strategy) Symposium

The Empirical and Theoretical Symposium, May 31st 2013, to be held at the New Ivey Building, Western University, London, Ontario, Canada. Visit


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Call for Papers

We are soliciting academic researchers to present their work at the first Canadian Empirical and Theoretical Symposium. The symposium will feature high quality research on the non-CB side of marketing. The aim is to have a balance of PhD Students, junior and senior faculty presenting. If you wish to present please contact Neil Bendle. A small number of grants may be available to help with the costs of attending for PhD Student presenters, based at Canadian universities. If you are interested please mention this when contacting Neil.


To help increase the profile and quality of Canadian academic marketing strategy research in the empircal and theoretical fields. To this end the conference will:

  • Bring together academics and PhD students based in Canada to discuss their research.
  • Identity and promote future directions in industrial marketing strategy research in Canada by helping academics understand topics of importance to practitioners.
  • Showcase empirical research on marketing topics.
  • Encourage the development of high quality marketing theory.
  • Help provide a bridge to practitioners by disseminating ideas from top academic research.
  • Encourage creating knowledge networks through collaborative research in the domain.


The one-day symposium will feature top-quality academic presentations of research in the empirical and theoretical side of marketing.


  • Sourav Ray, Associate Professor, Degroote School of Business, McMaster University
  • Mark Vandenbosch, Kraft Professor in Marketing and Faculty Scholar, Ivey School of Business, Western University
  • David Soberman, Canadian National Chair in Strategic Marketing, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto
  • Paul Messinger, Associate Professor of Marketing, Alberta School of Business, University of Alberta
  • Georges Zaccour, Chair in Game Theory and Management, HEC Montréal

Attendance is free to academics, you are welcome to attend even if you do not present. Contact Neil Bendle to be put on the mailing list
and please contact Neil by February 28th if you wish to submit something.

Neil Bendle
Assistant Professor of Marketing
Ivey School of Business
Western University

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