Katsikeas Editor at J Intl Mar


Constantine Katsikeas has been named Editor-Designate of the Journal of International Marketing

The American Marketing Association and the editor selection committee comprised of Robert F. Lusch (chair), Ruth Bolton, James Brown, Robin Coulter, Frank Franzak, Bodo Schlegelmilch, and Christopher Bartone, are pleased to announce that Constantine Katsikeas has been named editor-designate of the Journal of International Marketing. Katsikeas, whose three-year term begins July 1, 2013, replaces David A. Griffith, who has served as editor since July 2007. To facilitate the transition between editors, and consistent with transitions at the Journal of Marketing and the Journal of Marketing Research, Katsikeas will begin phasing in (i.e., evaluating new manuscript submissions) beginning April 1, 2013. Katsikeas is the Arnold Ziff Research Chair in Marketing and International Management at the Leeds University Business School.

AMA Vice President of Publications, Robert Lusch commented on the appointment of Professor Constantine Katsikeas. “Constantine is an excellent choice in many ways. An accomplished and well-recognized scholar in international marketing, Constantine is committed to expanding the worldwide stature of the Journal of International Marketing. I look forward to working closely with him and his editorial review board toward this goal and to expand upon the outstanding accomplishments of Editor David A. Griffith.”

Professor Katsikeas’s research has focused on marketing and sales management, strategic management, international marketing, strategic alliances and competitive strategy. His work has appeared in a number of journals including the Journal of Marketing, the Journal of Academy of Marketing Science, and the Journal of International Marketing. He has served as Associate Editor of the British Journal of Management and sat on the editorial boards of Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Journal of Business Research, Journal of International Marketing, Management International Review, Industrial Marketing Management, International Marketing Review, Business Research, Journal of Consumer Marketing, and Journal of Marketing Management.

Katsikeas is a member of the American Marketing Association and serves on the Board of the American Marketing Association’s Global Marketing Special Interest Group.

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