TOC: Mar Man Asia


Marketing Management in Asia, Book edited by Stan Paliwoda, Tim G. Andrews and Junsong Chen

Paliwoda, Stan, Tim G. Andrews, Junsong Chen (2012), Marketing Management in Asia, Routledge, New York. ISBN-10: 0415523176 ISBN-13: 978-0415523172


Stan Paliwoda, Tim Andrews and Junsong Chen

Chapter 1

China: Distribution in China
Jintao Wu and Junsong Chen

Chapter 2:

China: Consumer Behaviour in China
Guoqing Guo

Chapter 3:

China: Celebrity Endorsement within the Chinese Beauty Industry: Views from Beijing’s Female Consumers
Mark McPherson and Xiang Li

Chapter 4:

China and the Milk Powder Contamination Scandal
Paul Custance and Jiang Dongni

Chapter 5:

India: Culture and Consumer Behaviour Influences on Sales Promotion Practices in India
Madhumita Banerjee, Paurav Shukla and Phani Tej Adida

Chapter 6:

Japan: Marketing Management Issues in Japan
Stephanie Slater

Chapter 7:

Taiwan: Consumers’ Reactions to Tesco’s Market Entry in Taiwan: A Comparison with the UK Experience
Ching-Wei Ho and John Temperley

Chapter 8:

Thailand: Relationship Marketing in Thailand: A Case of the Real Estate Industry
Ruth Banomyong and Nucharee Supatn

Chapter 9:

Thailand: Marketing for Life in the Economic Recession: The Case of Thailand
Orose Leelakulthanit

Chapter 10:

Turkey, the EU and the Third Wave of MNCs
Nukhet Vardar

Chapter 11:

Vietnam: Marketing in Vietnam – Culture and Quality Considerations
Kieran Tierney