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Journal of Marketing, 77(1)

Why Do Customers Get More Than They Need? How Organizational Culture Shapes Product Capability Decisions
Bryan A Lukas, Gregory J Whitwell, and Jan B Heide [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Relationship Velocity: Toward A Theory of Relationship Dynamics
Robert W Palmatier, Mark B Houston, Rajiv P Dant, and Dhruv Grewal [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

What Is Special About Marketing Organic Products? How Organic Assortment, Price, and Promotions Drive Retailer Performance
Ram Bezawada and Koen Pauwels [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Sales Lead Black Hole: On Sales Reps’ Follow-Up of Marketing Leads
Gaurav Sabnis, Sharmila C Chatterjee, Rajdeep Grewal, and Gary L Lilien [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Defining, Measuring, and Managing Business Reference Value
V Kumar, J. Andrew Petersen, and Robert P Leone [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

More Than Words: The Influence of Affective Content and Linguistic Style Matches in Online Reviews on Conversion Rates
Stephan Ludwig, Ko de Ruyter, Mike Friedman, Elisabeth C Brüggen, Martin Wetzels, and Gerard Pfann [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Good and Guilt-Free: The Role of Self-Accountability in Influencing Preferences for Products with Ethical Attributes
John Peloza, Katherine White, and Jingzhi Shang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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