TOC: J Acad Mar Sci


Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 41(1)

This ad’s for you: the indirect effect of advertising perceptions on salesperson effort and performance
Douglas E. Hughes [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Customer knowledge creation capability and performance in sales teams
Bulent Menguc, Seigyoung Auh & Aypar Uslu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Are your salespeople coachable? How salesperson coachability, trait competitiveness, and transformational leadership enhance sales performance
Kirby L. J. Shannahan, Alan J. Bush & Rachelle J. Shannahan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Group influences of selling teams on industrial salespeople’s cross-selling behavior
Christian Schmitz [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The interactive effects of sales control systems on salesperson performance: a job demands–resources perspective
C. Fred Miao & Kenneth R. Evans [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Gaining and leveraging customer-based competitive intelligence: the pivotal role of social capital and salesperson adaptive selling skills
Douglas E. Hughes, Joël Bon & Adam Rapp [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The interplay of drivers and deterrents of opportunism in buyer–supplier relationships
Qiong Wang, Julie Juan Li, William T. Ross & Christopher W. Craighead [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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