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Second Biennial Sheth Emerging Scholars Faculty Consortium, at the World Marketing Congress, 16 Jul 2013, Melbourne; Consortium deadline 1 Mar

Academy of Marketing Science

Second Biennial Sheth Emerging Scholars Faculty Consortium

World Marketing Congress
July 16, 2013
Monash Law Chambers, Melbourne, Australia


Up to US$1,000 grant for each applicant selected to attend the Consortium

Application deadline: March 1, 2013

Academia is a knowledge-based community that plays a dual role in the knowledge arena. It is both a consumer/receiver and producer/processor/provider of knowledge. Historically, knowledge creation in marketing has been driven largely by scholars from developed countries. As such, many of the more established marketing journals reside in the developed countries of North America, Europe, and Australasia. Yet, the economies of emerging countries are expected to grow at a more rapid pace than that of developed countries and close to 85 percent of the world population resides in these emerging economies. This growth has fueled the establishment and growth of business/management schools in emerging countries. It is imperative that the marketing academy begins a process of knowledge exchange so that both developed and emerging economies engage in a scholarly dialogue that is mutually beneficial. An important component of this interaction is the development of the marketing professoriate across the emerging countries so that the research and educational mission in marketing is broad-based, relevant, and impactful.

As a preeminent international society focused on marketing as an academic field, the Academy of Marketing Science (AMS) is pleased to announce the Second Biennial Sheth Emerging Scholars Faculty Consortium. The consortium has been made possible by the financial support from the Sheth Foundation. The intent of this faculty consortium is to bring together two groups of scholars – those who have distinguished themselves in the academic arena (“Distinguished Scholars”) and those university scholars from emerging market economies who hold promise for the future of the global marketplace (“Emerging Scholars”) – in order to begin a knowledge-sharing venture with respect to both research and teaching.

This Second Biennial Sheth Emerging Scholars Faculty Consortium will be held in the Monash University Law Offices, Melbourne, Australia in conjunction with the World Marketing Congress (WMC) and the 3nd Biennial AMS Doctoral Consortium. The Consortium is a day-long program focused on research, teaching, and topics related to the overall success of a marketing scholar in the global arena. The scholarly sharing and social interactions continue the day after the consortium with the official beginning of WMC.

Delegates will receive up to US$1000 to attend the faculty consortium and the World Marketing Congress (reimbursement via receipts for expenses submitted after the conclusion of the consortium). The consortium delegates are responsible for making their own travel arrangements and for obtaining any necessary travel documents into Australia. The consortium program will be presented in English. A certificate of completion will be awarded to Emerging Scholars delegates at the end of the program.

We look forward to receiving your applications for attending the Second Biennial Sheth Emerging Scholars Faculty Consortium. The goal is to arrive at a mix of scholars from Africa, Asia, Europe, and South America so as to achieve an exciting exchange of ideas. Marketing faculty members from emerging countries in these continents are especially encouraged to apply. Applicants should be full-time marketing faculty members with a doctoral degree or equivalent. Although applications from colleagues at different career stages will be considered to ensure broad-based impact of the consortium, applicants in the early-to-mid career stage will be given priority consideration.

To apply for participation in the consortium as a delegate, please forward the following materials (in English) to Consortium Co-Chairs K. Sivakumar (k.sivakumar@lehigh.edu) and Göran Svensson (goran.svensson@hh.se): a letter of intent to attend the consortium if invited, a letter of support from your dean or institutional colleague, a 500-750 word document briefly outlining your research and teaching interests and how participation in the consortium will help in your professional development as well as how you will leverage your experience to help other emerging scholars in your institution and in your country, and a copy of your curriculum vitae. Selection as a consortium delegate will depend upon a variety of factors, including research accomplishments, teaching diversity, support and encouragement from the nominee’s institution, and geographic representation. The deadline for consideration as a consortium delegate is March 1, 2013. Decisions will be made and notification sent to all applicants around April 15, 2013.

Please forward this announcement to any potential applicants for the Second Biennial Sheth Emerging Scholars Faculty Consortium.

For information about the Academy of Marketing Science, please see www.ams-web.org. For additional information about the 2013 World Marketing Congress, please click on the link on the AMS home page. Contact Consortium Co-Chairs K. Sivakumar (k.sivakumar@lehigh.edu) and Göran Svensson (goran.svensson@hh.se) with questions related to the Second Biennial Sheth Emerging Scholars Faculty Consortium.


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