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International Journal of Rural Management, Special Issue on Rural Marketing

Special Issue on Rural Marketing: Marketing to the Rural, Poor, or Disadvantaged Communities

Rural Marketing: Marketing to the Rural, Poor or Disadvantaged Consumers
Pratik Modi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Markets of the Poor: Opportunities and Limits
Aneel Karnani [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An Institutional Analysis of Transition to Market: The Case of Shifting Cultivators in Mon, Nagaland
Abhinandan Saikia and Saradindu Bhaduri [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An Exploration of Rural Community Branding Efforts from the Perspective of Community Residents
Jane Swinney, Chunmin Lang, and Rodney Runyan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Redefining Rural Marketing: Insights from Touring Theatre
Ben Walmsley [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Service Dominant Logic: A Conceptual Foundation to Address the Underserved
Jaqueline Pels [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Jugaad—From ‘Making Do’ and ‘Quick Fix’ to an Innovative, Sustainable and Low-Cost Survival Strategy at the Bottom of the Pyramid
Ramendra Singh, Vaibhav Gupta, and Akash Mondal [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Urban Orientation of Rural Consumers: Implication for Consumer Goods Distribution
Pingali Venugopal [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Holistic Rural Marketing
Mithileshwar Jha [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Rural Boom in India
Pradeep Kashyap [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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