TOC: J Bus Ethics


Journal of Business Ethics, 111(3)

Social Entrepreneurship in Theory and Practice — An Introduction
Nicola M. Pless [Publisher]

A Tale of Two Cultures: Charity, Problem Solving, and the Future of Social Entrepreneurship
J. Gregory Dees [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Positive Theory of Social Entrepreneurship
Filipe M. Santos [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Organizing for Society: A Typology of Social Entrepreneuring Models
Johanna Mair, Julie Battilana & Julian Cardenas [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Collective Social Entrepreneurship: Collaboratively Shaping Social Good
A. Wren Montgomery, Peter A. Dacin & M. Tina Dacin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

In Pursuit of Dignity and Social Justice: Changing Lives Through 100 % Inclusion—How Gram Vikas Fosters Sustainable Rural Development
Nicola M. Pless & Jenny Appel [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Social Entrepreneurs as Responsible Leaders: ‘Fundación Paraguaya’ and the Case of Martin Burt
Thomas Maak & Nicolas Stoetter [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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