Revisit: Macromarketing Conference 2013


Psychoanalysis and Marketing track at the 38th Annual Macromarketing Conference, Toronto, 4-7 Jun 2013; Deadline now 31 Jan

Marketing on the couch…
‘Psychoanalysis and Marketing’ at Macromarketing 2013

Psychoanalysis has much to offer the study of markets and consumption. It stands at the foundation of many of key marketing ideas and provides us with a rich understanding of human behavior. Marketing, for its part, has much to offer psychoanalytic research. It offers one of the most sustained empirical engagements with psychoanalytic theory of any discipline.

We are, therefore, delighted to offer this opportunity to explore the contribution that psychoanalysis can bring to an understanding of macromarketing issues. Given the increased calls for marketers to explore the effects of marketing upon wider society associated with the macromarketing project, we hope that marketing researchers will find psychoanalysis a rich toolbox of ideas. Psychoanalysis, after all, has long tried to explore the relationship between our individual behavior and motivations and the specificities of our wider culture and society.

As such, we hope to receive a rich variety of contributions on topics including but not limited to archetypes, compulsive consumption, death, ethics, greed and object relations, narcissism and sexuality. We welcome theoretical pieces from any one of a variety of psychoanalytic perspectives in addition to empirical cases, analysis of cultural texts, thought-pieces and metapsychological papers.

The track will run in two formats:

Formal paper presentations based on extended abstracts and full papers submitted to the track chairs by January 31st 2013.

If your ideas are nascent, polemical or reflective then why not consider contributing a short thought-piece to the marketing clinic where these can be exposed to more open-ended, freewheeling, discussion. To do, please register your interest with the track chairs by January 31st 2013 ( or

The full call for papers is available:

Submission deadline: Thursday, January 31, 2013

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