TOC: J Intl Mar


Journal of International Marketing, 20(4)

Constraints to Building and Deploying Marketing Capabilities by Emerging Market Firms in Advanced Markets
Lutz Kaufmann and Jan-Frederik Roesch [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Effects of Early Internationalization on Performance Outcomes in Young International Ventures: The Mediating Role of Marketing Capabilities
Lianxi Zhou, Aiqi Wu, and Bradley R Barnes [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Stakeholders and Marketing Capabilities in International New Ventures: Evidence from Ireland, Sweden and Denmark
Natasha Evers, Svante Andersson, and Martin Hannibal [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Effects of Perceived Brand Globalness and Perceived Brand Localness in China: Empirical Evidence on Western, Asian, and Domestic Retailers
Bernhard Swoboda, Karin Pennemann, and Markus Taube [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Reducing Uncertainty in the Emerging Market Entry Process: On the Relationship Among International Experiential Knowledge, Institutional Distance, and Uncertainty
Mikael Hilmersson and Hans Jansson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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