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Neil C. Herndon has been appointed as the new editor of the Journal of Marketing Channels

NEW EDITOR AT THE Journal of Marketing Channels

Neil C. Herndon, Visiting Professor of Marketing at the South China University of Technology, has been appointed as the new editor of the Journal of Marketing Channels, the first and only professional marketing journal to focus exclusively on distribution systems, strategy, and management. JMC, founded in 1992 by eminent channels scholar Professor Bert Rosenbloom of Drexel University, recognizes the growing importance of marketing channels as a key strategic variable in marketing management. Herndon succeeds Professor Joyce A. Young of Indiana State University who served with distinction as JMC editor from 2008 through 2012.

JMC has a strong international orientation, with Editorial Review Board members living, teaching, and researching in many countries located across the Earth’s continents. Herndon, who lives and works in Hong Kong and considers it to be home, also brings this orientation to his new role at JMC and invites empirical and theoretical submissions from channels scholars worldwide studying activities in the channel painted broadly from the end of the production line to the hand of the consumer, as well as the possibility of return channels for goods and packaging. And, with the emergence of clicks supplementing or replacing bricks, studies of on-line retailing is welcome as this channel takes on greater importance for marketers worldwide.

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