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Current Challenges in Building Brand Engagement, Special issue of Journal of Product & Brand Management, Edited by Dennis Pitta; Deadline 30 Jun 2013

Special Issue on Current challenges in building brand engagement from the Journal of Product & Brand Management

Guest Editor: Dennis Pitta, University of Baltimore

The Editor of Journal of Product & Brand Management invites practitioners, consultants, and academics to submit papers worthy of contribution to the literature for a special issue devoted to building engagement. In use, brand engagement has several meanings. The most relevant is customer engagement, which refers to a customer’s set of behavioral activities toward a brand.

Possible topics will include, but are not limited, to the following:

  • How should brand engagement be conceptualized?
  • What is the nature and scope of brand engagement possibilities?
  • What are the special challenges of engaging consumers in online communities?
  • How is brand engagement related to brand love?
  • What unique opportunities do social media provide for creating or leveraging brand engagement?
  • Do new methods or opportunities exist for measuring brand engagement?
  • By what specific methods do brand communities reinforce brand engagement?
  • What can brand managers learn from other disciplines (such as the videogame, television, publishing, and spectator sports industries) regarding the creation and augmentation of brand engagement?
  • How does brand engagement impact profitability or other financial measures?

Submission deadline – 30 June 2013

For full details on the special issue and how to submit please visit the website –

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