Revisit: IJRM Replication Corner


The editorial team of the International Journal of Research in Marketing celebrates the response to its call for replications and the publishing of the first paper

In response to our invitation to submit replications to the IJRM replication corner, the replication, If It Tastes Bad It Must Be Good: Consumer Naive Theories and the Marketing Placebo Effect, contributed by Scott A. Wright, José Mauro da Costa Hernandez, Aparna Sundar, John Dinsmore, Frank R. Kardes, was submitted on October 30, 2012 and was accepted for publication on November 14, 2012. John G. Lynch was the editor of this replication.

The pre-publication version, together with the supplementary data is available on the IJRM website, in the Forthcoming page


and also on Elsevier’s Science Direct under Articles in Press


doi: 10.1016/j.ijresmar.2012.11.002.)

We are happy to report that there is a good response to our call, and we want to celebrate the first replication by thanking the authors and encouraging more submissions. There is plenty of space on our server for replications data.

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