MMA 2013


18th Annual Marketing Management Association Educators' Conference, New Orleans, 18-20 Sep 2013, Chair Brian Vander Schee; Deadline 1 Jun

MMA – Marketing Management Association

18th Annual MMA Fall Educators’ Conference, September 18-20, 2013
Call for Papers

Conference Theme: Collegiate Outcomes and Industry Expectations

As business educators we think we know what students need to successfully prepare for a professional career. However as the needs of business change with advancing technology, are we really keeping up? The conference theme looks to examine how expectations in industry align with current collegiate outcomes.

Sample Topics for Position Papers, Panels, and Refereed Papers:


  • Active learning strategies or activities
  • Case development and delivery
  • Social media learning strategies
  • Managing group projects or presentations
  • Developing internships or international experiences
  • Effectively using simulations
  • Reaching Millennials in the classroom
  • Pedagogical styles for specific business courses
  • Assessing learning goals or outcomes
  • Demonstrating teaching effectiveness
  • Incorporating ethics and social responsibility
  • Relevance of business curriculum in industry


  • Examining business education pedagogy
  • Involving undergraduate students in research
  • Employing new qualitative or quantitative research tools
  • Collaborative approaches in research inquiry
  • The value of private or consulting research
  • Strategies for publishing and presentations


  • Peer evaluation of performance
  • Mentoring industry to classroom transitions
  • Curriculum development initiatives
  • Community service and outreach programs

Position Paper Submissions:

Submission Guidelines: Position papers should include a cover page with each author’s name, affiliation, and email. Position papers are limited to three double-spaced pages (not including the cover page) using 12-point font.

Position Paper Organization: (1) Introduce the problem or situation you will explore in your presentation, (2) Provide a brief context for the situation – this may or may not include references, (3) Offer your solution (what was done) or recommended course of action (what should be done), (4) Mention any challenges or alternative perspectives, and then (5) Conclude with suggested future research or further exploration needed.

How to Submit: Submit position papers via email attachment in Microsoft WORD to Brian Vander Schee at by June 1, 2013. At least one author must register and attend the conference.

Panel Proposal Submissions:

Contact the Fall Conference Program Chair, Brian Vander Schee at to suggest a topic or to inquire about topics already approved for the program needing panelists. All panelists must register and attend the conference.

Refereed Paper Submissions:

Submission Guidelines: Refereed papers should not exceed 12 double-spaced pages including references, tables and figures using 12-point font. Each paper is to have a separate cover page with each author’s name, affiliation, and email. Multiple authorships should indicate the contact person. Authors should avoid revealing their identities in the body of the paper. The title of the paper should appear on the first page of the manuscript, followed by a 100 word abstract, single spaced. The body of the paper follows right after on the first page using double spacing and strictly adhering to APA reference style. Best refereed paper award will be given at the conference.

How to Submit: Submit refereed papers via email attachment in Microsoft WORD to Brian A. Vander Schee at by June 1, 2013. At least one author must register and attend the conference.

For full conference details, visit then select Conferences and then Fall Conference

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