TOC: Pub Opinion Quart


Public Opinion Quarterly, 76(4)

Does Giving People Their Preferred Survey Mode Actually Increase Survey Participation Rates? An Experimental Examination
Kristen Olson, Jolene D. Smyth, and Heather M. Wood [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Toward a More Reliable Implementation of Ideology in Measures of Public Opinion
Thomas Wood and Eric Oliver [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Effects of the 2008 Obama Presidential Campaign on White Racial Prejudice
Seth K. Goldman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Faith or Doctrine? Religion and Support for Political Violence in Pakistan
C. Christine Fair, Neil Malhotra, and Jacob N. Shapiro [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Improving Response Rates for Spanish Speakers in Two-Phase Mail Surveys
J. Michael Brick, Jill M. Montaquila, Daifeng Han, and Douglas Williams [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

When More Gets You Less: A Meta-Analysis of the Effect of Concurrent Web Options on Mail Survey Response Rates
Rebecca L. Medway and Jenna Fulton [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Risk Attitudes, Candidate Characteristics, and Vote Choice
Cindy D. Kam and Elizabeth N. Simas [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How Citizens Respond to Combat Casualties: The Differential Impact of Local Casualties on Support for the War in Afghanistan
Douglas L. Kriner and Francis X. Shen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Associative Dimension of Issue Ownership
Stefaan Walgrave, Jonas Lefevere, and Anke Tresch [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Trends—Americans’ Interest and Enthusiasm in Election Campaigns
Samuel J. Best, Kristin Johnson, and Brian S. Krueger [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Book Review

Diana C. Mutz. Population-Based Survey Experiments. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press. 2011. 177 pp. $49.50 (cloth). $24.95 (paper).
Eric W. Groenendyk [Publisher]

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