TOC: J Bus Ethics


Journal of Business Ethics, 111(1)

Frontiers, Intersections and Engagements of Ethics and HRM
Gavin Jack, Michelle Greenwood & Jan Schapper [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Employee as ‘Dish of the Day’: The Ethics of the Consuming/Consumed Self in Human Resource Management
Karen Dale [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Graduate Employability and the Principle of Potentiality: An Aspect of the Ethics of HRM
Bogdan Costea, Kostas Amiridis & Norman Crump [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Recognition, Reification, and Practices of Forgetting: Ethical Implications of Human Resource Management
Gazi Islam [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Agonism and the Possibilities of Ethics for HRM
Carl Rhodes & Geraint Harvey [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Towards an Ethical Research Agenda for International HRM: The Possibilities of a Plural Cosmopolitan Framework
Maddy Janssens & Chris Steyaert [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Reframing the Business Case for Diversity: A Values and Virtues Perspective
Hans Dijk, Marloes Engen & Jaap Paauwe [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Human Resource Management in a Compartmentalized World: Whither Moral Agency?
Tracy Wilcox [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Ethics and HRM: Theoretical and Conceptual Analysis
Nadia Gama, Steve McKenna & Amanda Peticca-Harris [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Exploring the Boundaries of Human Resource Managers’ Responsibilities
David E. Guest & Christopher Woodrow [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Contingent Work and Its Contradictions: Towards a Moral Economy Framework
Sharon C. Bolton, Maeve Houlihan & Knut Laaser [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

“Equality Theory” as a Counterbalance to Equity Theory in Human Resource Management
David A. Morand & Kimberly K. Merriman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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