TOC: J Bus Psych


Journal of Business and Psychology, 27(4)

Generational Differences in Work-Related Attitudes: A Meta-analysis
David P. Costanza, Jessica M. Badger, Rebecca L. Fraser, Jamie B. Severt & Paul A. Gade [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Perceptions of Organizational Politics and Employee Citizenship Behaviors: Conscientiousness and Self-monitoring as Moderators
Chu-Hsiang Chang, Christopher C. Rosen, Gina M. Siemieniec & Russell E. Johnson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Assessing Workgroup Norms for Civility: The Development of the Civility Norms Questionnaire-Brief
Benjamin M. Walsh, Vicki J. Magley, David W. Reeves, Kimberly A. Davies-Schrils, Matthew D. Marmet & Jessica A. Gallus [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Two-Factor Solution to Allen and Meyer’s (1990) Affective Commitment Scale: Effects of Negatively Worded Items
Stephanie M. Merritt [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Impact of Organizational Factors on Psychological Needs and Their Relations with Well-Being
Nicolas Gillet, Evelyne Fouquereau, Jacques Forest, Paul Brunault & Philippe Colombat [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Comparison of a Subjective and Statistical Method for Establishing Score Comparability in an Organizational Culture Survey
Nathan T. Carter, Lindsey M. Kotrba, Dalia L. Diab, Bing C. Lin, Shuang Y. Pui, Christopher J. Lake, Michael A. Gillespie, Michael J. Zickar & Alen Chao [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Interpersonal Counterproductive Work Behaviors: Distinguishing Between Person-Focused Versus Task-Focused Behaviors and Their Antecedents
Violet T. Ho [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Effectiveness of Consensus Information in Advertising: The Moderating Roles of Situational Factors and Individual Differences
Chingching Chang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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