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Justin Paul has compiled a list of 30 videos for use in International Business, and related, classes

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On the basis of teaching subjects such as International Business/Management, Strategic Management, International Marketing, Economic & Business Environment, Business in Asia, Export-Import Management & International Finance at University of Washington, Denmark, France, Japan, Lithuania, & India ,I’ve compiled the Best Possible Video cases and files on my AUTHOR Page (Public Page )


Over 30 Videos are available . Some of the important session topics and video titles (in bracket) are given below for your ready reference/use in the classroom. Recently, Academy of Inter Business forwarded this mail to their mailing list consisting of 6000 members. In case, if you wish me to deliver a guest lecture in any of your class on one of following topics, It would be my pleasure to accept your offer too..

  1. FDI – ( Record Foreign Investment in China )
  2. Videos on BRIC, Emerging Markets – i. China Rising ii. Why and How India Emerging iii. Brazil- Rising Star )
  3. Globalization- ( Made in the World & Making Trade Easier)
  4. WTO & Political Environment (GATT/WTO at 60)
  5. Regional Trade Blocks ( NAFTA, European Union )
  6. Cross-Cultural Management ( Japanese Business Card Culture & Korean Work Culture )
  7. Global Competitiveness ( Kaizen, Toyota Production System)
  8. IB strategy (Toyota Manufacturing in the US)
  9. Global Acquisition Strategy (Japan’s Dia-Ichi Acquires Controling Stake in Ranbaxy)
  10. Japanese Management Style and Strategies (5S Management Philosophy)
  11. FDI & Joint venture – (GM Finds Success in China)
  12. International Marketing (McDonalds in Japan)
  13. International Marketing (Japan-Land of Luxury Lovers, LV Bags in Japan – can also be used with Ivey Case – LV in Japan)
  14. Global Monetary System (China’s Managed Float System)
  15. Foreign Exchange Mgmt (Exchange Rate Impact on Exporter/Importer)
  16. Export management (Incoterms)
  17. Global Outsourcing. (The other side of Outsourcing)

Please feel free to write to me, should you have questions to clarify, if any



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