Employee Engagement and Customer Satisfaction


Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative Research Opportunity sponsored by the Hertz Corporation, Webinar 6 Dec 2012

A WCAI Research Opportunity sponsored by Hertz
Thursday, December 6th
1 – 2 PM Eastern Time


The Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative is pleased to announce a truly unique and comprehensive new data set from the Hertz Corporation, a world leader in retail rental cars and equipment. This data set includes employee engagement surveys linked to Hertz locations in the US and Canada, transactions of rental cars in those locations, and customer satisfaction surveys for those transactions. All of this data is longitudinal over a 2 year window, providing opportunities for research from a variety of different angles. Studies of organizational behavior, customer loyalty & engagement, geographic retail transactions, upselling/add-on behavior, and customer segmentation are all are possible in this rich and detailed data set. The data includes:

  • over 100,000 responses to a semi-annual employee engagement survey
  • over 5,000 rental locations in US and Canada, all uniquely identified across data
  • over 200,000 responses to a post-transaction customer satisfaction survey with detailed transaction data for the corresponding rental, distributed over the 2 year window
  • 2-year transaction histories for more than 50% of the customers

Hertz encourages research proposals that use this data to understand the interplay of employee engagement, customer satisfaction, and customer purchase behavior (e.g. repeat purchase, "add-on" purchases, and/or willingness to pay a higher price); in addition to the dynamic interplay of airport and off-airport rental transactions. Proposals for modeling, forecasting, or predicting customer/employee behavior are welcome, particularly practical, cutting-edge, and operationalizable solutions.

To learn more about the data and business context, interested faculty and doctoral students can attend a live webinar on December 6th at 1 PM Eastern time. During the webinar, details of the data will be described and executives from Hertz will be available for Q&A. The webinar will also be archived for those who can’t attend live.

After the webinar, interested researchers should submit proposals online through the WCAI Proposal Submission Portal by December 20th at 12 Noon Eastern time to receive access to the data. Researchers are encouraged to review proposal submission guidelines and FAQs before submitting their proposal. Additional questions can be directed to wcai-research@wharton.upenn.edu. Proposals will be evaluated based on their potential for academic contribution and the researcher’s ability to address issues of strategic importance to the program sponsor. Register for the webinar at http://video.webcasts.com/events/wcai001/44683/.

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