TOC: Service Bus


Service Business, 6(4)

Innovations in service business. An introduction to the special issue from the Global Entrepreneurship and Services Conference, Taiwan, 2011
Tiffany Hui-Kuang Yu & Michael Willoughby [Publisher]

The effects of motivations, trust, and privacy concern in social networking
Shi-Woei Lin & Yu-Cheng Liu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Internal service quality within the different Chinese subcultures: a comparison between Taiwan, China, and Singapore
Don Jyh-Fu Jeng & Sky Fang-Wen Kuo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The value relevance of brand equity in the financial services industry: an empirical analysis using quantile regression
David Han-Min Wang, Tiffany Hui-Kuang Yu & Fang-Ru Ye [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The impact of online customer satisfaction on the yahoo auction in Taiwan
Chih-Wen Wu, Kun-Huang Huarng, Surya Fiegantara & Pai-Chi Wu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The determinants of successful R&D consortia: government strategy for the servitization of manufacturing
Feng-Jyh Lin & Yi-Hsin Lin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Frontline service employees’ customer-related social stressors, emotional exhaustion, and service recovery performance: customer orientation as a moderator
Taegoo Terry Kim, Soyon Paek, Chang Hwan Choi & Gyehee Lee [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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