TOC: J Mar Ed


Journal of Marketing Education, 34(3)

Editor’s Corner
Donald R. Bacon [Publisher]

The Journal of Marketing Education: Past, Present, and Future
Deborah M. Gray, James W. Peltier, and John A. Schibrowsky [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Bridging the Gap: The Case for Expanding Ethnographic Techniques in the Marketing Research Curriculum
Lynne Freeman and Daniela Spanjaard [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Influence of New Product Characteristics on Rate of Adoption: Increasing Student Comprehension With the Bidding for Buyers Game
Brian A. Vander Schee [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Tutorial Guide About How to Manage a Client-Financed Project
Gary L. Clark, Michael E. King, and Iksu Jurn [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Pop-up Retailing: The Design, Implementation, and Five-Year Evolution of an Experiential Learning Project
Brigitte Burgess [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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