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Journal of Marketing, 76(6)

Principles and Principals: Do Customer Stewardship and Agency Control Compete or Complement When Shaping Frontline Employee Behavior?
Jeroen Schepers, Tomas Falk, Ko de Ruyter, Ad de Jong, and Maik Hammerschmidt [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Double-Edged Sword of Foreign Brand Names for Companies from Emerging Countries
Valentyna Melnyk, Kristina Klein, and Franziska Völckner [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Mapping the Play of Organizational Identity in Foreign Market Adaptation
Julien Cayla and Lisa Peñaloza [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How Doppelgänger Brand Images Influence the Market Creation Process: Longitudinal Insights from the Rise of Botox Cosmetic
Markus Giesler [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Employees’ Decision Making in the Face of Customers’ Fuzzy Return Requests
Sijun Wang, Sharon E Beatty, and Jeanny Liu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Creating Major Innovations with Customers: Insights from Small and Young Technology Firms
Nicole E Coviello and Richard M Joseph [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Beyond the “Like” Button: The Impact of Mere Virtual Presence on Brand Evaluations and Purchase Intentions in Social Media Settings
Rebecca Walker Naylor, Cait Poynor Lamberton, and Patricia M West [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Do Customers and Employees Enjoy Service Participation? Synergistic Effects of Self- and Other-Efficacy
Chi Kin (Bennett) Yim, Kimmy Wa Chan, and Simon S.K Lam [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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