Distance and Flexible Learning


Peter Thirkell would like to learn how other marketing programs incorporate distance or flexible learning into their undergraduate and graduate offerings

We are conducting a review of our distance (flexible learning) program in Marketing at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. We would like to learn more about how other marketing programs incorporate distance (flexible learning) – both at undergraduate and postgraduate. We welcome any discussion and comments related to the approaches and models used to incorporate distance learning.

In particular we are interested in:

  • Mode of delivery, how is the course/content delivered.
  • Do you use a learning management system?
  • How do you use tutors/instructional support staff in your distance/flexible courses? How do tutors/instructors engage with students?
  • How are students assessed in your distance/flexible program?
  • What is the general level of students satisfaction compared to ‘on-campus’ equivalent courses?
  • Has distance/flexible learning affected how you deliver ‘on-campus’ equivalent courses?

Your assistance is most appreciated,

School of Marketing and International Business Distance Team

Victoria University of Wellington

New Zealand