TOC: Intl Bus Rev


International Business Review, 21(6)

The urban growth potential of second-generation migrant entrepreneurs: A sectoral study on Amsterdam
Tüzin Baycan, Mediha Sahin, Peter Nijkamp [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Symbiotic ownership, cultural alignment, and firm performan A test among international strategic alliances
Ji Li, Chris W.L. Chu, Xinran Wang, Hong Zhu, Guiyao Tang, Yuanyi Chen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Analyzing determinants of value creation in domestic and cross border acquisitions in India
Reena Kohli, Bikram Jit Singh Mann [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Disparate association between alliance social capital and the global pharmaceutical firm’s performance
Tariq Malik [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Proactive management of political risk and corporate performan The case of Spanish multinational enterprises
Alfredo Jiménez, Juan Bautista Delgado-García [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Country image, product image and consumer purchase intention: Evidence from an emerging economy
Cheng Lu Wang, Dongjin Li, Bradley R. Barnes, Jongseok Ahn [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Balancing growth across geographic diversification and product diversification: A contingency approach
Niron Hashai, Andrew Delios [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Export promotion programs: Their impact on companies’ internationalization performance and competitiveness
Joan Freixanet [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The complexity of the business network context and its effect on subsidiary relational (over-) embeddedness
Phillip C. Nell, Ulf Andersson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Learning from exporting: The moderating effect of technological capabilities
Francisco García, Lucía Avella, Esteban Fernández [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Geographic clustering and outward foreign direct investment
Gary A.S. Cook, Naresh R. Pandit, Hans Lööf, Börje Johansson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

MNE/NGO partnerships and the legitimacy of the firm
Valentina Marano, Pete Tashman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The influence of managerial discretion, innovation and uncertainty on export intensity: A real options perspective
Arvin Sahaym, Len J. Treviño, H. Kevin Steensma [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Knowledge translation through expatriates in international knowledge transfer
Soon-Gwon Choi, Jan Johanson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The impact of increases in subsidiary autonomy and network relationships on performance
Jens Gammelgaard, Frank McDonald, Andreas Stephan, Heinz Tüselmann, Christoph Dörrenbächer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The characteristics and stock-market performance of international joint ventures located in three host-country groups: An extension and empirical validation
Hemant Merchant [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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