TOC: Corp Rep Rev


Corporate Reputation Review, 15(4)

Can Corporate Reputation Protect Companies’ Value? Spanish Evidence of the 2007 Financial Crash
Jose L Fernandez Sanchez, Ladislao Luna Sotorrio and Elisa Baraibar Diez [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Micro-dynamics of Emergent Organizational Identity Change
Hans Englund and Jonas Gerdin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Does Corporate Social Performance Yield Any Tangible Financial Benefit During a Crisis? An Event Study of Lehman Brothers’ Bankruptcy
Chiara Mio and Marco Fasan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Organizational Reputation: Issues in Conceptualization and Measurement
Alan Clardy [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Investor Reaction to Firm Environmental Management Reputation
Joshua R Aaron, Amy McMillan and Brandon N Cline [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Issue Management Gone Awry: When Not to Respond to an Online Reputation Threat
Shari R Veil, Elizabeth L Petrun and Holly A Roberts [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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