TOC: Cornell Hosp Quart


Cornell Hospitality Quarterly, 53(4)

From the Center: What We Think We Know Isn’t Always So
Robert Kwortnik [Publisher]

From the Editor: Expanding Even Further
Bruce Tracey [Publisher]

Why Hotels? Economy Weakens but Hotels Remain Relatively Strong – What Gives? And What Might Give?
Jack Corgel and Mark Woodworth [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Racially Discriminatory Service in Full-Service Restaurants: The Problem, Cause, and Potential Solutions
Zachary W. Brewster [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Black-White Differences in Tipping: The Moderating Effects of Socioeconomic Status
Michael Lynn, Curt C. Pugh, and Jerome Williams [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Effect of Perceived Control on Consumer Responses to Service Encounter Pace: A Revenue Management Perspective
Breffni M. Noone, Jochen Wirtz, and Sheryl E. Kimes [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Terrorist Attacks of 9/11 and the Financial Crisis of 2008: The Impact of External Shocks on U.S. Hotel Performance
Renata Kosova and Cathy A. Enz [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Evolution of Hotel Asset Management: The Historical Context and Current Profile of the Profession
A. J. Singh, Robert D. Kline, Qingzhong Ma, and Paul Beals [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Monetary Policy Risks of Hospitality Stocks
Levon Goukasian, Qingzhong Ma, and Mehdi Majbouri [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Legal Strategy of the Cruise Line Industry: An Effective Use of Terms and Conditions to Manage Disputes
Robert H. Wilson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Cities versus Online Travel Companies: Liability for Room Occupancy Taxes
Arthur Hamilton, S. Brooks Marshall, and Hugh A. Hobson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Systematic Review, Analysis, and Evaluation of Research Articles in the Cornell Hospitality Quarterly
Rob Law, Daniel Leung, and Catherine Cheung [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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