TOC: Cal Man Rev


California Management Review, 54(4)

Can Innovation Be Lean?
Tyson R. Browning and Nada R. Sanders [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

From Preliminary Ideas to Corroborated Product Definitions: Managing the Front End of New Product Development
Henrik Florén and Johan Frishammar [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Democratizing Strategy: How Crowdsourcing Can Be Used for Strategy Dialogues
Daniel Stieger, Kurt Matzler, Sayan Chatterjee and Florian Ladstaetter-Fussenegger [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Strategic Framework for Spare Parts Logistics
Stephan M. Wagner, Ruben Jönke and Andreas B. Eisingerich [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Employee Engagement and CSR: Transactional, Relational, and Developmental Approaches
Philip Mirvis [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Managing in Different Growth Contexts
Julia Prats, Marc Sosna and S. Ramakrishna Velamuri [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

SpeedSim: Made to Exit!
Naeem Zafar and Victoria Chang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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