DocSIG to Seat Chair


The AMA Doctoral Student SIG seeks a Chair Elect

DocSIG Officer Position Opening Position: Chair Elect

Description: As Chair Elect, you will work closely with the DocSIG chair and members of the DocSIG leadership team to (1) develop and execute quality programs and networking opportunities at the Summer and Winter AMA conferences, and (2) assist in communicating these opportunities to doctoral students.

Appointment: This position calls for a 2 year commitment to DocSIG (Nov. 1, 2012 – Nov.1, 2014). The nominated candidate will serve as Chair Elect in the first year, followed by an appointment as Chair of DocSIG in the second year.

Benefits: Accepting a leadership role in DocSIG provides an opportunity to add a positive service component to your background. The position of Chair Elect also offers a wonderful opportunity to meet and get to know other doctoral students and esteemed faculty.

About DocSIG: The Doctoral Special Interest Group or “DocSIG” was founded by doctoral students through a grass-roots initiative intended to address the unmet needs of marketing doctoral students. The purpose of DocSIG is to act as a resource for aspiring, current, and former Ph.D. students. To that end, DocSIG seeks to provide opportunities for doctoral students to establish relationships and develop competencies that aid in placement and career development.

To learn more about DocSIG, please visit us at

To be considered for this position, please email a brief statement of interest to

Ryan Langan
Chair DocSIG

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