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Socially Responsible Marketing: Broadening the Scope of Marketing to Meet the Needs of Society, Special Section of Marketing Management Journal, Edited by Tim Aurand; Deadline 1 Mar 2013


Marketing Management Journal – Special Section

Socially Responsible Marketing: Broadening the Scope of Marketing to Meet the Needs of Society

Marketing organizations are not just responsible for selling brands, products, and services but for acting in a socially responsible manner as well.  Marketing is often the public face of an organization, and when organizations deal with difficult situations, marketing is typically called upon to lead the charge.  Socially responsible marketing means acting with concern and sensitivity and being aware of the impact that the firm’s actions have upon others, particularly those who may be disadvantaged.  Marketing organizations must make certain that their values are properly communicated to everyone within, and outside the organization.

The second special section of the Marketing Management Journal will focus on the challenging issues surrounding socially responsible marketing.  A wide variety of topics will be considered for publication, including those dealing with business-to-business, business-to-consumer, domestic, international, strategic, and tactical socially responsible marketing topics.


Submission Deadline:  March 1, 2013

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