CRM and Segmentation


Academy of Marketing CRM/Segmentation SIGs Joint Event and Journal of Strategic Marketing Special Issue, Oxford Brookes, UK, 1 Nov 2012; Deadline 26 Oct

Call for Papers: AM CRM/Segmentation SIGs Joint Event and JSM Special Issue

With the growth of the digital domain and the step-change brought about by social media, there is little doubt that marketing has entered a new era. One in which consumers expect increasing levels of service, customisation and immediacy; routinely share their consumption experiences and digital content among their social networks; and have significant access to information and opinions from many sources, including other consumers.

In the light of such changes, what are the implications from digital marketing and in particular social media, for the development of target market strategy, segmentation and customer engagement?

On the one hand, marketers are promised rich customer insight by incorporating social media into their customer profiling initiatives; the potential of niche markets is increased through online marketing; and that there are numerous opportunities for enhanced targeting, customer engagement and relationship building. On the other hand, new knowledge and skills are needed to succeed in this changing environment.

This event, November 1st at Oxford Brookes, combines the interests of two of the Academy of Marketing’s Special Interest Groups: the Market Segmentation and Target Market Strategy SIG and the newly formed SIG in Customer Relationship Management and Services.

The workshop will involve short presentations based on pre-submitted papers. The required format is similar to the papers submitted to the Academy of Marketing’s Annual Conference (ie: 5 pages + abstract, appendices, references). These presentations will be scheduled to form clusters of related papers. There will also be a keynote presentation by Professor Merlin Stone at the start of the workshop, commencing at 11:30 on November 1st.

To be included in the workshop, papers must be submitted to by October 26th at the latest. Please note that the workshop fee is £40, to cover catering and running costs.

Please contact either Dr Ana Canhoto ( or Professor Lyndon Simkin ( at Oxford Brookes for CRM/customer engagement, or Professor Sally Dibb ( at the Open University for segmentation/target market strategy, with your paper’s outline, in order to receive full registration details for this event. Colleagues not presenting a paper will also be more than welcome to attend. Please note that attendance is necessary for consideration for inclusion in the special issue of the Journal of Strategic Marketing.

The best papers from this SIG workshop will be nominated for developing into full papers by Christmas for inclusion in a forthcoming (2013) special issue of the Journal of Strategic Marketing, guest edited by Ana Canhoto, Sally Dibb and Lyndon Simkin.

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