TOC: J Retailing Con Services


Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 19(6)

U.S. male generational cohorts: Retail format preferences, desired retail attributes, satisfaction and loyalty
Deborah J.C. Brosdahl, Jason M. Carpenter [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Let the music play or not: The influence of background music on consumer behavior
Pernille K. Andersson, Per Kristensson, Erik Wästlund, Anders Gustafsson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A comparative analysis of differential consumer response across supermarket and specialty store in the candy category
Ashish Kumar, Minakshi Trivedi, Ram Bezawada, Karthik Sridhar [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

When loyalties clash purchase behavior when a preferred brand is stocked out: The tradeoff between brand and store loyalty
Sanjay Puligadda, William T. Ross, Jinjie Chen, Elizabeth Howlett [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Spontaneous selection: The influence of product and retailing factors on consumer impulse purchases
Jacqueline J. Kacen, James D. Hess, Doug Walker [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The effects of film trailers on shaping consumer expectations in the entertainment industry—A qualitative analysis
Jörg Finsterwalder, Volker G. Kuppelwieser, Matthew de Villiers [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Mexican national cross-border shopping: Exploration of retail tourism
Pauline Sullivan, Mark A. Bonn, Vertica Bhardwaj, Ann DuPont [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Case study—Embodied virtual agents: An analysis on reasons for failure
Mohammed Slim Ben Mimoun, Ingrid Poncin, Marion Garnier [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Understanding factors affecting consumer intention to shop in a virtual world
Tanya Domina, Seung-Eun Lee, Maureen MacGillivray [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Does store image influence demand for organic store brands?
Paul-Valentin Ngobo, Sylvie Jean [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Cross-validation of segments of credit card holders
Maria Cristina M.S.G. Martins, Margarida G.M.S. Cardoso [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The kinetic quality of store design: An Exploration of its influence on shopping experience
Gaël Bonnin, Alain Goudey [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumer satisfaction and loyalty: Two main consequences of retailer personality
Cindy Lombart, Didier Louis [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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