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MARCON 2012: International Marketing Conference, Kolkata, India, 28-30 Dec 2012; Deadline now 15 Oct

Indian Institute of Management Calcutta announces
2nd International Marketing Conference MARCON 2012.
(December 28-30, 2012)

Conference Theme: Sustainability, and Marketing to Socially-Connected Consumers

As world’s largest social networking site Facebook goes for its first public offering, it raises a larger question of how the socially-connected consumer is valued. Today more than ever, marketing faces newer challenges in the web-enabled, socially-connected world. Today, people around the world are more aware of the ills of the existing model of capitalism. This renewed thinking has raised the concerns for sustainability, and aligned peoples, profits, and the planet more closely than ever before.

What do all these recent developments mean for the future of marketing, and more particularly for the emerging markets? Do we need more marketing theories, or newer ones? Which marketing theories, and practices in existence today need to be questioned, and substituted with better ones? Therefore, despite recent developments in marketing, there is a need today to critically assess marketing-as a function, discipline, and process in a world where consumers have become socially connected using various technology platforms at their disposal (laptops, tablets, smart phones and so on). All this requires marketing academicians, and practitioners to interact more closely, and show the way for sustainable businesses to lead in an emerging era of the socially-connected global consumers.

This conference aims to bring together thought-leaders and practitioners, from marketing and other social sciences to facilitate such a dialogue that would contribute to the theory and practise of marketing.

We invite researchers (academicians and practitioners) to submit their abstracts related to the broad theme of the conference, addressing their paper to one of the following conference tracks:

  1. Advertising, Promotion, and Marketing Communications
  2. Sales Management & Business to Business Marketing
  3. Consumer Behaviour & Psychology
  4. Cross Disciplinary Issues in Marketing
  5. Marketing across cultures.
  6. Marketing Strategy
  7. New Product/Service Development, and Innovation
  8. Pricing
  9. Product, Service, and Brand Management
  10. Relationship Marketing
  11. Research Methods used in Marketing (Qualitative & Quantitative)
  12. Internet & Social Media Marketing
  13. Retailing & Distribution Channel Management
  14. Marketing to Poor, and Rural Consumers
  15. Social Marketing, Macro Marketing, and Public Policy Issues

Key Note Address by Dr V. Kumar (Richard and Susan Lenny Distinguished Chair Professor of Marketing, Robinson College of Business, Georgia State University)

Workshops & Valedictory Address by Prof Naresh Malhotra (Regents’ Professor Emeritus, College of Management, Georgia Tech)

Conference Organising Committee

  • Prof Prashant Mishra
  • Prof Krishanu Rakshit
  • Prof Ramendra Singh
  • Prof Suren Sista
  • Prof Ritu Mehta
  • Prof Janakiraman Moorthy
  • Prof Rohit Varman
  • Prof Koushiki Chaudhuri
  • Prof Ramanuj Majumder
  • Prof Ashish Banerjee

The last date for Submission of Abstract is October 15, 2012.

Conference Website:
Queries may be addressed to

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