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Stan Shapiro would like to hear from faculty using historical material in class

Already Using Historical Material to teach Marketing?

The Journal of Historical Research in Marketing has recently added a special section on Teaching & Learning. This section is intended to encourage those teaching marketing, advertising and retailing to make more pedagogical use of the excellent material on the history both of marketing thought and marketing practice available from JHRM and a number of other sources. An essential first step in this process involves our finding out what class room use is already being made of such material.

If you are already using historical material to enrich your classes, please let us know exactly what you are doing and how you are doing it so we can use the T&L section to spread the word. There will also be an opportunity for “innovators” in this area to prepare brief commentaries on the approaches being used. Our emphasis is on the history both of marketing thought and of marketing practice at any level-micro, mezzo or macro-, in any country and in any time period. Can you help us begin this dialogue? Do you have any ideas as to how such a dialogue could be more useful? If so, please contact me at sshapiro@sfu.ca

Stanley J. Shapiro

Associate Editor, Teaching & Learning
Journal of Historical Research in Marketing

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