Value Creation, Assessment and Capture


Value Creation, Value Assessment and Value Capture from a Managerial Perspective, Special issue of Management Decision, Edited by Andreas Hinterhuber and Stephan Liozu; Deadline 30 Mar 2013

Special issue in Management Decision: "Value Creation, Value Assessment and Value Capture from a Managerial Perspective”.


Faced with increased complexity and competitive intensity, firms have had to revisit their business positioning and adopt more impactful and differentiated business strategies. This constant demand for innovation, business model redesign and compelling marketing strategies have forced managers to pay closer attention to customer value and how they can create it, measure it and capture it.

For the past few years, marketing and management scholars have placed customer value as one of their top research priorities.

Given that most managers in firms create their own social construction of value (Ulaga 2001; Liozu, Hinterhuber et al. 2012) and that the subject remains largely unexplored, we propose a special call for paper to further explore this concept from a managerial perspective:

This project aims at developing knowledge for inquiry in three domains of customer value research: value creation, value assessment, and value capture. These three domains might be considered from an organizational perspective focusing on strategy development and implementation, from a theoretical point of view focusing on the fundamental question of how to conceptualize value, or from a tactical perspective focusing on how to implement value programs in firms.

Consequentially, in this call for papers we aim to shed light on the following non-exhaustive list of research questions:

  • How do firms translate customer orientation and value-based management into managerial activities and decision-making processes?
  • How do managers combine monetary and non-monetary benefits and sacrifices to assess value?
  • What is the role of language and meanings in the operationalization of value?
  • Dis-entangling customer value: What is the contribution of product value, service value, relationship value etc. to the total customer value created and/or perceived?
  • What is relationship value and how can it be conceptualized and measured vis-à-vis product value?
  • How can data mining help in exploring the concept of value?
  • How do firms conduct value-in-use assessment to build value models?
  • How do firms assess value when decision-making power is fragmented among various stakeholders at customer level?
  • How do value perceptions evolve over time internally, externally and during buyer-seller interactions?
  • How do managers in firms quantify their differential value versus competitors? What are implications of the inherent subjectivity of customer value?
  • Value appropriation: Which factors influence the deree to which firms capture customer value? How do firms decide what price to ask once value is created?
  • Value co-creation with customers: How does the fact that customers increasingly co-create value together with their suppliers influence value appropriation of the supplier?
  • Value creation through open innovation: Does open innovation lead to novel ways of value creation, value assessment and value capture?
  • What are the barriers to value capture in business markets?
  • How do price decision-makers deal with value information ambiguity and uncertainty?
  • How do value creation, value assessment and value capture contribute to firm performance?

Submission Deadline: March 30th, 2013

For More Information on the Call for Paper:

please visit the homepage of MD and the attached word document.

Next steps:

We welcome your submission; to facilitate planning, please let us know your intention to submit already now: (Dr Andreas Hinterhuber) and (Stephan Liozu).

Thanks for your attention and consideration.

Stephan M. Liozu

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