MASSIG Award to Laczniak


The American Marketing Association's Marketing and Society Special Interest Group has awarded Gene Laczniak its 2012 Lifetime Achievement Award

The 2012 American Marketing Association’s Marketing and Society Special Interest Group’s “Lifetime Achievement Award” to:

Gene Laczniak

Gene is Professor of Marketing and Chair of the Department at Marquette University, where he has also served in other major academic positions. He is widely recognized for his scholarly contributions in the area of marketing ethics, as one of the founders and leaders in this area of inquiry. Gene has been a long-time member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Marketing, has authored numerous academic articles and five books, the most recent of which is: Ethics in Marketing: International Cases and Perspectives (with P. Murphy and A. Prothero, Routledge, 2012). Pick up a copy… it may do you some good! Our sincere congratulations and respects to Gene Laczniak, a fine person, a fine scholar, and a leader in our field! — Note: The MASSIG Lifetime Achievement Awards have been guided by and supported from their inception by Professors O.C. and Linda Ferrell, who deserve our thanks for their fine efforts. The judging panel for this year consisted of three past award winners – Alan Andreasen, Paul Bloom, and Patrick Murphy. Professors Ferrell will be running the judging for the 2013 award… Please now be thinking of a worthy person to nominate for it, and reach out to them with your ideas.

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