Kelly Martin MASSIG Emerging Scholar


Kelly D. Martin has won the inaugural AMA Marketing and Society SIG's Emerging Scholar Award

The 2012 American Marketing Association’s Marketing and Society Special Interest Group’s Inaugural “Marketing and Society Emerging Scholar Award” to:

Kelly D. Martin!

Kelly is currently Assistant Professor of Marketing at Colorado State University in Ft. Collins, CO. She has published in a wide variety of journals such as the Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, Business Ethics Quarterly, and Journal of Business Ethics. Dr. Martin is a member of the editorial board of JPP&M and has organized sessions for national conferences in the marketing and society and public policy subfields. According to Professor Ron Hill, who chaired the award committee: “A committee composed of senior scholars in the marketing and society area have agreed that Professor Kelly Martin is to be named the Emerging Scholar for 2012… Her work on behalf of impoverished consumers worldwide has reframed our thinking and will influence a generation of researchers.” Congratulations to Kelly! Onward for a better future for society!

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