TOC: J Travel Res


Journal of Travel Research, 51(5)

Resident Attitudes to Tourism and Their Effect on Subjective Well-Being: The Case of Palma de Mallorca
Jeroen Nawijn and Ondrej Mitas [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Assessing Tourism Development from Sen’s Capability Approach
Robertico Croes [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Using Concomitant Freelisting to Analyze Perceptions of Tourism Experiences
Nuno Filipe Ribeiro [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Asymmetric Tourist Response to Price: Loss Aversion Segmentation
Juan L. Nicolau [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Environmental Consequences of Tourism Consumption at Major Events: An Analysis of the UK Stages of the 2007 Tour de France
Andrea Collins, Max Munday, and Annette Roberts [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

GPS as a Method for Assessing Spatial and Temporal Use Distributions of Nature-Based Tourists
Jeffrey C. Hallo, J. Adam Beeco, Cari Goetcheus, John McGee, Nancy Gard McGehee, and William C. Norman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Social Tourism as Opportunity for Unplanned Learning and Behavior Change
Lynn Minnaert [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Does Discounting Work in the Lodging Industry?
Robertico Croes and Kelly J. Semrad [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Face-to-Face Exports: The Role of Business Travel in Trade Promotion
Maksim Belenkiy and David Riker [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Multivariate Exponential Smoothing for Forecasting Tourist Arrivals
George Athanasopoulos and Ashton de Silva [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Impact of Fear of Flying on Travelers’ Flight Choice: Choice Model with Latent Variables
Aliza Fleischer, Anat Tchetchik, and Tomer Toledo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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