TOC: J Bus Psych


Journal of Business and Psychology, 27(3)

Altering the Effects of Work and Family Conflict on Exhaustion: Telework During Traditional and Nontraditional Work Hours
Timothy D. Golden [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Supervisor Workplace Stress and Abusive Supervision: The Buffering Effect of Exercise
James P. Burton, Jenny M. Hoobler & Melinda L. Scheuer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Demographic Question Placement: Effect on Item Response Rates and Means of a Veterans Health Administration Survey
Robert Teclaw, Mark C. Price & Katerine Osatuke [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Relationship Between Dysfunctional Interpersonal Tendencies, Derailment Potential Behavior, and Turnover
Marisa Adelman Carson, Linda Rhoades Shanock, Eric D. Heggestad, Ashley M. Andrew, S. Douglas Pugh & Matthew Walter [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Job Autonomy as a Predictor of Mental Well-Being: The Moderating Role of Quality-Competitive Environment
Rhokeun Park & Deborah Searcy [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Impact of Organizational Identification and Psychological Safety on Initial Perceptions of Coworker Trustworthiness
Christopher Jay Roussin & Sheila Simsarian Webber [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Work–Family Balance, Well-Being, and Organizational Outcomes: Investigating Actual Versus Desired Work/Family Time Discrepancies
Heather N. Odle-Dusseau, Thomas W. Britt & Philip Bobko [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Corporate Social Responsibility, Applicants’ Individual Traits, and Organizational Attraction: A Person–Organization Fit Perspective
Lu Zhang & Mary A. Gowan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Emotional Contagion and its Relevance to Individual Behavior and Organizational Processes: A Position Paper
V. Vijayalakshmi & Sanghamitra Bhattacharyya [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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