TOC: J Direct Data Digital Mar


!Journal of Direct, Data and Digital Marketing Practice, 14(1)

Peter Mouncey [Publisher]

The digitally excluded consumer — Options for marketers
Dick Stroud [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An empirical investigation of social network influence on consumer purchasing decision: The case of Facebook
Loredana Di Pietro and Eleonora Pantano [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

From web analytics to digital marketing optimization: Increasing the commercial value of digital analytics
Dave Chaffey and Mark Patron [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Ten inbox secrets: What eye tracking reveals about designing better emails
Adrian Rowe and Lorenzo Burridge [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Smart meter data: A behavioural marketer’s dream?
Thomas Spanyol [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Radio station seeks judicial review of ‘political ad’ ban
Catherine Lee [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

OFT extracts undertakings from affiliate marketer MoreNiche
Manana Shrimpling [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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