TOC: J Bus Ethics


Journal of Business Ethics, 109(2)

The Influence of Unethical Peer Behavior on Observers’ Unethical Behavior: A Social Cognitive Perspective
Michael J. O’Fallon & Kenneth D. Butterfield [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Responsible Leadership in Organizational Crises: An Analysis of the Effects of Public Perceptions of Selected SA Business Organizations’ Reputations
D. A. L. Coldwell, T. Joosub & E. Papageorgiou [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Gender Diversity on European Banks’ Boards of Directors
Ruth Mateos de Cabo, Ricardo Gimeno & María J. Nieto [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumer Evaluations of Social Alliances: The Effects of Perceived Fit Between Companies and Non-Profit Organizations
Namin Kim, Youri Sung & Moonkyu Lee [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Transformative Leadership: Achieving Unparalleled Excellence
Cam Caldwell, Rolf D. Dixon, Larry A. Floyd, Joe Chaudoin, Jonathan Post & Gaynor Cheokas [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Advertising Effects of Corporate Social Responsibility on Corporate Reputation and Brand Equity: Evidence from the Life Insurance Industry in Taiwan
Ker-Tah Hsu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Sacred/Secular Divide and the Christian Worldview
David Kim, David McCalman & Dan Fisher [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Anti-Discrimination Laws: Undermining Our Rights
Javier Portillo & Walter E. Block [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Impact of Service Supplier’s Unethical Behavior to Buyer’s Satisfaction: An Empirical Study
Ramazan Kaynak & Tuba Sert [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Harm of Symbolic Actions and Green-Washing: Corporate Actions and Communications on Environmental Performance and Their Financial Implications
Kent Walker & Fang Wan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An Emotion-Based Model of Salesperson Ethical Behaviors
Raj Agnihotri, Adam Rapp, Prabakar Kothandaraman & Rakesh K. Singh [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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