TOC: American Econ Rev


American Economic Review, 102(5)

A Field Study on Matching with Network Externalities
Mariagiovanna Baccara, Ayse Imrohoroglu, Alistair J. Wilson and Leeat Yariv [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Pay for Percentile
Gadi Barlevy and Derek Neal [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Europe’s Tired, Poor, Huddled Masses: Self-Selection and Economic Outcomes in the Age of Mass Migration
Ran Abramitzky, Leah Platt Boustan and Katherine Eriksson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Social Capital and Social Quilts: Network Patterns of Favor Exchange
Matthew O. Jackson, Tomas Rodriguez-Barraquer and Xu Tan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Rational Expectations Approach to Hedonic Price Regressions with Time-Varying Unobserved Product Attributes: The Price of Pollution
Patrick Bajari, Jane Cooley Fruehwirth, Kyoo il Kim and Christopher Timmins [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Impact of Family Income on Child Achievement: Evidence from the Earned Income Tax Credit
Gordon B. Dahl and Lance Lochner [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Bundling and Competition for Slots
Doh-Shin Jeon and Domenico Menicucci [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Fund Managers, Career Concerns, and Asset Price Volatility
Veronica Guerrieri and Péter Kondor [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Organ Allocation Policy and the Decision to Donate
Judd B. Kessler and Alvin E. Roth [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Katrina’s Children: Evidence on the Structure of Peer Effects from Hurricane Evacuees
Scott A. Imberman, Adriana D. Kugler and Bruce I. Sacerdote [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

What Do You Think Would Make You Happier? What Do You Think You Would Choose?
Daniel J. Benjamin, Ori Heffetz, Miles S. Kimball and Alex Rees-Jones [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Industrial Structure and Capital Flows
Keyu Jin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Spatial Differentiation and Vertical Mergers in Retail Markets for Gasoline
Jean-François Houde [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Revealed Attention
Yusufcan Masatlioglu, Daisuke Nakajima and Erkut Y. Ozbay [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Heuristic Thinking and Limited Attention in the Car Market
Nicola Lacetera, Devin G. Pope and Justin R. Sydnor [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Multi-unit Assignment Problem: Theory and Evidence from Course Allocation at Harvard
Eric Budish and Estelle Cantillon [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Durable Consumption and Asset Management with Transaction and Observation Costs
Fernando Alvarez, Luigi Guiso and Francesco Lippi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Credit Supply and Monetary Policy: Identifying the Bank Balance-Sheet Channel with Loan Applications
Gabriel Jiménez, Steven Ongena, José-Luis Peydró and Jesús Saurina [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Skill Dispersion and Trade Flows
Matilde Bombardini, Giovanni Gallipoli and Germán Pupato [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Interjurisdictional Spillovers, Decentralized Policymaking, and the Elasticity of Capital Supply
Thomas Eichner and Marco Runkel [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Hidden Advantage of Delegation: Pareto Improvements in a Gift Exchange Game
Gary Charness, Ramón Cobo-Reyes, Natalia Jiménez, Juan A. Lacomba and Francisco Lagos [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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