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2013 American Academy of Advertising Global Conference, Honolulu, 31 May-2 Jun 2013, Chair Shu-Chuan (Kelly) Chu; Deadline 1 Dec

Going Digital?

Opportunities and Challenges of New Media and Non-Traditional Marketing Communications in a Globally-Connected World

2013 American Academy of Advertising
Global Conference

in conjunction with the

Shidler College of Business,

University of Hawaii at Manoa

Hawaii, USA – May 31 to June 2, 2013

New media and non-traditional marketing communications continue to be a vital aspect of global marketing that affects consumers and advertisers around the world. In particular, social media have dramatically changed the way consumers make purchase decisions by allowing them to freely interact with advertisers and fellow consumers, and facilitating information retrieval and exchange across different countries. The theme of the Global Conference is, “Going Digital? Opportunities and Challenges of New Media and Non-Traditional Marketing Communications in a Globally-Connected World.” This conference is an important forum for intellectual exchange and collaboration among advertising scholars, educators, and practitioners across the borders. Hawaii serves as the ideal conference site for this theme. Located in mid-Pacific Ocean, Hawaii bridges between North America and Asia and represents a blend of eastern and western cultures.

The American Academy of Advertising 2013 Global Conference will be held in Honolulu, Hawaii in conjunction with the Shidler College of Business, University of Hawaii at Manoa. It builds on a long list of previous success stories in Kisarazu, Japan (2001 and 2003), Hong Kong, China (2005), Seoul, Korea (2007), Beijing, China (2009), Milano, Italy (2010), and Brisbane, Australia (2011). This will be a stimulating event that focuses on research and special topics with an international focus. Logistical details will follow in a separate announcement once they are confirmed.

The growth of new media and non-traditional marketing communications creates numerous opportunities for advertisers around the world. Social media, mobile advertising, online brand communities, viral and word-of-mouth marketing, product placement in video games, digital outdoor advertising, and guerilla marketing etc. provide new mechanisms for building relationships with consumers. New media and non-traditional marketing communications also pose many new challenges, such as how to identify effective measurements, and how to address privacy concerns and regulation issues. Although we welcome submissions on all advertising-related topics, papers and special topics exploring such issues in a global context are particularly welcome.

Call for Competitive Papers

You are invited to submit competitive papers relevant to any aspect of advertising (theoretical, methodological, empirical, or conceptual) in one or more countries and with an international focus for presentation at the 2013 American Academy of Advertising Global Conference and for publication in the 2013 Global Conference Proceedings

All submissions are subject to blind review. Completed papers will be given first preference.  However, very detailed abstracts of at least 8 pages will be considered but must include information about when the research will be completed and this date must be prior to the conference. Papers will be judged on the following criteria: 1) topic relevance to the conference; 2) interest to members; 3) research grounded in academic literature and theory; 4) appropriateness of the methodology given the goal of the research; and 5) overall quality and contribution to the field. Note: Authors of accepted papers or abstracts must publish either the entire paper or a one-page abstract of the paper in the Proceedings

The Proceedings will not be copyrighted, but submissions may not be under consideration at other journals or conferences. Papers should not exceed 30 typed, double-spaced pages in length including references, appendices, tables, etc. Be sure to delete the title page and identification of the authors in the “Properties” function (see below) prior to submission. Citations are to be formatted using Journal of Advertising style.

Call for Special Topics Sessions

You are invited to submit proposals for special topics sessions that cover an entire meeting period (usually 90 minutes). These sessions are designed to offer information and dialogue on topics of importance to advertising education and practice (e.g., current practitioner issues, creative topics, and/or pedagogical matters) in one of more countries and with an international focus. They will be judged on the following five criteria: 1) How current is the topic? 2) How well will it attract attendees to the session? 3) How well thought-out is the proposal? 4) Are the proposed participants appropriate for this topic? and 5) How strongly do you believe this session should be included in the program? Speakers listed in a session proposal must agree to participate and confirm their commitment prior to including their name(s) in the proposal for review. If a speaker might not be able to participate, an alternate name with title should be provided in the proposal. Note: One of the two people listed will be expected to present if the special topic session is accepted.

A submission should include the following: (1) a clear rationale for addressing the topic over an entire meeting period and/or through contributions from several presenters, (2) the value of the session to conference attendees (including why such a contribution is not likely to be available elsewhere, (3) names and specific roles of all participants (please note that blind review is not possible with these proposals because the value depends in part on the selection of appropriate participants), and (4) details of how the session will be conducted under a unifying theme, including progression among sections and participants. 

Preference will be given to proposals providing the requested information in the greatest detail. Special topics chairs are responsible for generating a 1- to 3- page summary (after the session) for inclusion in the Proceedings as a non-refereed publication.   

All competitive and special topics submitters will be asked to check a statement specifying that at least one author of the paper agrees to register and attend the conference to present the paper. Failure to present an accepted competitive paper/special topics session will result in the competitive paper/special topics session being withdrawn from the conference proceedings. Only an author or presenter listed on the paper/special topics session is eligible to present at the conference.

Additional Requirements

All submissions are to be submitted via the AAA Confmaster website at

If you registered for a paper submission at an AAA conference since 2007, you should already have a profile and can use your same password and ID to access the system. If you are submitting a paper for the first time, you will need to create a new profile by following the instructions on the Confmaster website.

Submission information can also be found on the AAA website at:

In order to facilitate the review process everyone must submit papers or session proposals electronically via AAA Confmaster. You will upload a copy of your paper in MS Word format. Please use the procedures noted below for deleting identifying information from your submission.

Procedure for deleting properties for electronic submission (in Word):

1) go into " file "

2) go into "properties"

3) under the headings of " Summary " & " Custom " please erase all affiliations. Under "Custom" be sure to delete all lines in the "Properties" box by clicking on each line one at a time and then click on the delete box that is present in the same window. After you have deleted all properties, click "OK" and then save your document.

Electronic submissions will be accepted beginning October 15, 2012 and must be received no later than MIDNIGHT CST, December 1, 2012.

Please designate a single contact person for your submission. This individual will register at the AAA conference website (accessible via and will receive a user name and password via email after registration. Once this information is received, the individual will be able to upload the manuscript to the conference website.

The contact person must also provide contact information (email, phone and fax) as well as one or two keywords to facilitate the reviewing process (e.g., copy testing, media measurement, new technologies, advertising education, etc.).


Please direct your questions regarding papers or special topics proposals to the conference chair:


Shu-Chuan (Kelly) Chu, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
College of Communication
DePaul University
1 E. Jackson Blvd.
Chicago, IL, 60604 USA

We look forward to your submissions and hope that you will be able to attend the Going Digital 2013 Global Conference of the American Academy of Advertising in Hawaii, USA.

Additional information concerning the conference will be sent later in the year and posted on:

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