TOC: J Con Policy


Journal of Consumer Policy, 35(3)

The Expulsion of the Concept of Protection from the Consumer Law and the Return of Social Elements in the Civil Law: A Bittersweet Polemic
Hans-W. Micklitz [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Scoring: New Legislation in Germany
Rainer Metz [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Errare humanum est: Financial Literacy in European Consumer Credit Law
Vanessa Mak & Jurgen Braspenning [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How Can Internet Comparison Sites Work Optimally for Consumers?
Harriet Claire Gamper [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Testing the Hirshleifer–Riley Model: The Values of Information Sources for a Future Hospital Stay
Roger Feldman & Kyoungrae Jung [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Distributional Effects of Lower Food Prices in a Rich Country
Johan Lundberg & Sofia Lundberg [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Shame-Proneness as a Risk Factor of Compulsive Buying
Sunghwan Yi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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