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Pete Fader and Googler Chris Chapman will keynote the Direct/Interactive Marketing Research Summit, Las Vegas, 13-14 Oct 2012

The Direct/Interactive Marketing Research Summit is pleased to announce the following confirmed invited speakers from Google and the Wharton School, respectively:

Chris Chapman, Ph.D. Senior Quantitative Researcher, Google shows how analytics is opening new vistas in The Changing Landscape of Digital Media Research. It’s no secret that digital media and associated analytics are creating vast new research areas and transforming traditional research. Chris identifies three shifts that researchers and media clients should embrace: using a multiplicity of imperfect models, emphasizing strategic direction and validity, and building research team competency. Chris will discuss how research practice should change in the coming decade to deliver greater consumer insight for managerial decision making, and will illustrate those changes with prescriptive guidance and research cases.   

Peter Fader, Ph.D. The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, questions testing decisions in Bandit’s Paradise: The Next Generation of Test-and-Learn Marketing, research conducted by Eric M. Schwartz, Eric T. Bradlow, and himself.  Testing the effectiveness of marketing activities via experimentation has long been a hallmark of direct marketers, but now almost every kind of marketer has “joined the party.” Changes in the digital environment have led to the proliferation of marketing experiments, such as A/B and multivariate tests, but they are now run on a much more frequent basis and for an ever-wider array of marketing decisions. Virtually every outbound marketing activity (e.g., sending emails, serving display ads, customizing websites, recommending products) can be framed as adaptive experiments to “test and learn” on a continuous basis. But as these tests evolve from standalone projects to being deeply integrated into a firm’s day-to-day operations (and culture), it is more important than ever to ensure that testing is done in a profitable manner.

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