TOC: Econometrica


Econometrica, 80(4)

Functional Differencing
Stéphane Bonhomme [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Contract Pricing in Consumer Credit Markets
Liran Einav, Mark Jenkins and Jonathan Levin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Waiting for News in the Market for Lemons
Brendan Daley and Brett Green [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Status, Intertemporal Choice, and Risk-Taking
Debraj Ray and Arthur Robson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Nonparametric Instrumental Variable Estimation of Structural Quantile Effects
Patrick Gagliardini and Olivier Scaillet [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Identification and Estimation of Stochastic Bargaining Models
Antonio Merlo and Xun Tang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Continuous Implementation
Marion Oury and Olivier Tercieux [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Axiomatic Equilibrium Selection for Generic Two-Player Games
Srihari Govindan and Robert Wilson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Estimating Derivatives in Nonseparable Models With Limited Dependent Variables
Joseph G. Altonji, Hidehiko Ichimura and Taisuke Otsu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Bootstrap Determination of the Co-Integration Rank in Vector Autoregressive Models
Giuseppe Cavaliere, Anders Rahbek and A. M. Robert Taylor [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Distortions of Asymptotic Confidence Size in Locally Misspecified Moment Inequality Models
Federico A. Bugni, Ivan A. Canay and Patrik Guggenberger [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Impossibility Results for Nondifferentiable Functionals
Keisuke Hirano and Jack R. Porter [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Incomplete Preferences Under Uncertainty: Indecisiveness in Beliefs versus Tastes
Efe A. Ok, Pietro Ortoleva and Gil Riella [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Testing for Regime Switching: A Comment
Andrew V. Carter and Douglas G. Steigerwald [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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