TOC: Intl Rev Retail Dist Con Res


International Review of Retail, Distribution and Consumer Research, 22(4)

Exploring antecedents of attitude toward co-producing a retail checkout service utilizing a self-service technology
Mary Ann Eastlick, Claudia Ratto, Sherry L. Lotz & Anubha Mishra [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

What drives Indian consumer credit card loyalty? The perspective of involvement in reward programmes
Matthew Tingchi Liu, James L. Brock, Ramendra Singh, Rongwei Chu & Joseph Sy-Changco [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Franchising choice in retail networks: a multi-level institutional framework
Claire Gauzente & Régis Dumoulin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Spending time, spending money: passenger segmentation in an international airport
Paul Freathy & Frank O’Connell [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumer reactions to the adoption of green reverse logistics
Benjamin T. Hazen, Yun Wu, Casey G. Cegielski, L. Allison Jones-Farmer & Dianne J. Hall [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The effect of the ‘evoking freedom’ technique on sales in a computer-mediated field setting
Aude Grassini, Alexandre Pascual, Nicolas Guéguen & Céline Jacob [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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