TOC: Intl Bus Rev


International Business Review, 21(5)

Exploring the animosity domain and the role of affect in a cross-national context
Erik B. Nes, Rama Yelkur, Ragnhild Silkoset [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The decision to export: Firm heterogeneity, sunk costs, and spatial concentration
Jingtao Yi, Chengqi Wang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The impact of individualism on buyer–supplier relationship norms, trust and market performan An analysis of data from Brazil and the U.S.A.
Sonia Ketkar, Ned Kock, Ronaldo Parente, Jacques Verville [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Policy-driven clusters, interfirm interactions and firm internationalisation: Some insights from Malaysia’s Multimedia Super Corridor
Christopher Richardson, Mo Yamin, Rudolf R. Sinkovics [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The effect of operational flexibility on decisions to withdraw from foreign production locations
Jan Hendrik Fisch, Miriam Zschoche [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Market entry of multinational companies in markets at the bottom of the pyramid: A learning perspective
Tassilo Schuster, Dirk Holtbrügge [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The determinants of board size and independen Evidence from China
Catherine Huirong Chen, Basil Al-Najjar [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Does international experience help firms to be green? A knowledge-based view of how international experience and organisational learning influence proactive environmental strategies
Javier Aguilera-Caracuel, Nuria Esther Hurtado-Torres, Juan Alberto Aragón-Correa [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A longitudinal study of the relationship between export activity and innovation in the Spanish firm: The moderating role of productivity
Joaquín Monreal-Pérez, Antonio Aragón-Sánchez, Gregorio Sánchez-Marín [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Host–home country linkages and host–home country specific advantages as determinants of foreign acquisitions by Indian firms
Peter J. Buckley, Nicolas Forsans, Surender Munjal [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Affects of alliance entrepreneurship on common vision, alliance capability and alliance performance
Saba Khalid, Jorma Larimo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The influence of firm and executive characteristics on performance-vested stock option grants
Bo Qin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The influence of experiential, inherited and external knowledge on the internationalization of venture capital firms
Sofie De Prijcker, Sophie Manigart, Mike Wright, Wouter De Maeseneire [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The performance of small and medium-sized technology-based enterprises: Do product diversity and international diversity matter?
Lee Li, Gongming Qian, Zhengming Qian [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

What the eye does not see, the mind cannot reject: Can call center location explain differences in customer evaluations?
Gianfranco Walsh, Matthias Gouthier, Dwayne D. Gremler, Simon Brach [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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